Oh no, you are going to sing!

A blinkie gif. The background is a light bluish-purple with a black, blinking border. On the far right is an analogue clock. The hands are whirring round on a loop. The text reads 'The laws of time are mine and they will obey me'. Both the word mine and the word me are in block capitals.

Well, yes, I am!

A blinkie gif. The background is black, with blinking stars. The border is a light, but well-saturated purple. The text, in the same colour as the border, reads 'awooo'. Next to this, a bigger than sign has been placed next to a three to achieve the effect of a heart.


Hello, you can call me 061! I am a bigggg Doctor Who and theatre nerd. I'm aspiring to be an actor, with one role currently under my belt and (fingers crossed) many more waiting for me!

Blinkies by blinkies.cafe, check out their work!

If you're going to share/use anything I created by myself, which I will specify, please credit me and link to the website! I'm all too happy to see my work shared but I'd like it if people could trace it back to me.

As of 18/06/23, I'm working on the buttons on the site as I'm trying to make sure they link to the proper page and work.